Extase Urbaine

Co-founder and resident DJ of « HDE », a collective dedicated to pushing the boundaries of underground clubbing. HDE nights quickly became among Amsterdam’s most recognized parties,

His DJ sets cross weave genres, scenes, past and present, blending everything from Body music and Techno, to electro and trance-y explorations.


Raised in the outskirts of Geneva, & used to smoky and dark atmospheres, Intense musical fusion through the time, transcending the line between body music & hard hitting electronics !

Grinding post-punk, industrial, and wave music.


Under the name of  » L’Ätlas . this musical project is a feeling, an apocalyptic future & an industrial wasteland lost in the East countries, we can characterize his work by a mixture of genres, drawing from EBM, industrial and cold music rooted in a raw techno


Based in Israel, let’s introduce you to Meshes. Dj/Producer, Sound Designer & Live performer.

This outstanding live artist inspired by the 80’s EBM scene and modern aggressive electronic. Heavy analogue sound bass, powerful percussions and expressive vocals with punkish vibes ; that’s the deal for his live performance !