Used to smoky and dark atmospheres, PASTRAM is the « enfant terrible » of a thousand and one vinyls. He sets the pawns for radical, saturated music in which squeaky rhythms and cathartic echoes merge with screaming microphones. A kaleidoscopic influence formulated through a tinged selection of industrial, body music and wave synth.


Straight from Moscow, let’s introduce you to Meshes. Dj/Producer, Sound Designer & Live performer. This outstanding live artist inspired by the 80’s EBM scene and modern aggressive electronic. Playing almost every week end in Russia since few years, he’s now ready to crush your crowd ! Heavy analogue sound bass, powerful percussions and expressive vocals with punkish vibes ; that’s the deal for his live performance !

One Flesh.Infektion

One Flesh.Infektion. combines dark electro low ends & EBM charged taut mechanical techno rythms. The duo are haunted by dramatic glaring synth strains making for a striking edgy metallic infection.

After their first E.P. release « Die Realität ist ein Gefängnis » on tapes via Detriti Records and their track « Deprivation Syndrome » that released via our label Sharped Records

One Flesh.Infektion. … promise to be more contagious than you think… and that why we’re now welcome them in the family

NZM 99

Emerging from the rave scene, NƵM 99 is driven by a dark and acid techno with heavy and powerful basses, he likes to wow the crowds with his fingertips. A hyperactive producer, he created his own label Tjalk Records as a tribute to his boat on which he lives.

From his teenage years, he draws his influences from the rave party movement as well as from the tracks of Arnaud Rebotini, THE HACKER, Terence Fixmer and David Carretta.

At the age of 19, he bought his first analogue machines and never stopped enriching his set up as soon as the opportunity arose.

Fascinated by the warm grain of old synthesizers, he cultivates a techno with EBM tones that bewitches dance floors.

After many great releases during the pandemic, he is now ready to smash your crowd !


Live performer and DJ, he composes melancholic narratives based on the surroundings of his daily life. His sound explorations go from Post-Industrial to EBM, experimenting with synth lines, vocals, powerful drums and a lot of emotion.

Unhealed’s music goes around themes such as love and desires, reflecting the breakdowns and the euphoria behind his living mind. He was born in Sao Paulo and is currently based in Berlin.

Chris Shape

Cristian Shape Camporesi is an Italian producer, live performer and sound designer. His debut comes in the early ’90s, when the techno wave lands in Riccitone and its iconic pyramid of Cocoricò Riccione

CHRIS SHAPE created many of the rave anthems from the 90’s such as SENSORIA and plenty others – especially later, collaborating with Dj Francesco “Franz” Spazzoli.

For almost a decade, the two dj’s played live in the best clubs and festivals around the world and have worked with: David Carretta, THE HACKER, GESAFFELSTEIN,& many others

Jørgen Thorvald

Gionata has been making music for over 30 years, involved in several Italian projects. He graduated in double bass at the Conservatory of Milan. and then specialized in electronic music.

His music is oscillating between techno, underground, old school, and EBM. 

Endless nothing

EBM/Techno project from Italy, Endless Nothing is inspired by metal, post-punk and industrial techno.His motto ; dark/retro sequences as soundtrack of your daily urban discomfort.

Polyvalent, he can spin some New Beat & Synthwave as well as filthy EBM/Techno !

Writing about music in the very past years for several metal webzine, & Djing since more or less 10 years from Darkwave, to Indie Rock, to Electronic & Techno !! You’ll never get bored by this Swiss-knife…

More infos & full roster TBA